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Bottle baby training thru Kitten Rescue at NKLA today


"The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it."

- Albert Einstein
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Angel City Pit Bulls Cheer Station 1 for the LA Marathon!!!

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ACPB Cheer Station 1- Mile 10: Photos by Rita Earl

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Happy Foster Friday!


"Nothing can ever taste as good as being vegan feels."

- Unknown

Dinah Shore “I Am The Human Experience” Contest Winner!

I am SOOO lucky and am super excited for the Club Skirts Dinah Shore Weekend!!


This past February we launched our I Am The Human Experience campaign to get people to share their human experience so we could showcase the diversity of the human experience and queer identity. Ou…

This past February we launched our I Am The Human Experience campaign to get people to share their human experience so we could showcase the diversity of the human experience and queer identity. Our campaign is year-round, but during February anyone who submitted a human experience piece was entered into a contest to win 1 of 5 Joss Whedon or lesbian themed DVD sets, as well as Two Platinum Passes to Club Skirts Dinah Shore Weekend.

Yesterday, we tallied all of the submissions, put everybody into a raffle and picked out the winner for the two Platinum Passes to The Dinah Shore, and the winner is …

drum roll please …

The Winner of the Two Platinum Passes to Club Skirts Dinah Shore Weekend

Sarah Audet! Congratulations Sarah!


Full article at

Source: the-thehumanexperience

F@#K Plastic Bags!

The most amazing thing happened to me at CVS today. As always, when I was checked out I told the women I did not want a bag and her response made me ecstatic!

“I do not have a plastic bag to give you” she said, as she pointed to the empty rack below her, where the single use bags once hung.

It’s super exciting to see the ban on single use plastic bags in Los Angeles finally in effect! This will really reduce the amount of plastics that are going into Southern California waterways and the environment!


Q: I’m interested in becoming a vegan, but embarrassed to say that my diet has pretty much consisted of meat and dairy at least twice a day. I’m totally lost on what a balanced and yummy vegan diet should include. I want this to be part of a lifestyle change and not just something I say I’m gonna do, but never commit to. I don’t want my daughter to have the same eating habits as I’ve had and I might as well start now, right? Where do I even start?! I definitely need guidance.

A: You’re headed in the right direction! If you keep in mind veganism is a lifestyle change and that change usually happens slowly over time, you wont panic yourself or have any doubts. Slowly your body will detox from all the toxins in your system from the meat and dairy, and you will mentally and physically start to feel amazing! I just celebrated my 1 year anniversary being vegan and will never look back! It only took me 20 years of being a vegetarian to finally become a vegan, I am proof change can be slow, but it’s worth it. If you want to read more about my personal path to plant based check out my blog post:, Here are some tips on being vegan and transitioning your diet to be more plant based, in no particular order: 

1. Eating a bag of vegan cookies is just as bad a regular cookies. Just because it’s vegan doesn’t mean its healthy…. Yes, Oreo’s are vegan, just in case you were wondering. The Trader Joe’s vegan cookies and rice crispy treats are amazing! A must try! Of course I had to start out my tips with cookies, vegan food is fun! Check out our vegan gingerbread house from this past December as all the candy is vegan!

2. Read Skinny Bitch by Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin. Its quick read that covers everything you will need to know about a plant based lifestyle. I can’t recommend this more! A couple holidays back, I give it to all my friends, family and coworkers (they have a guys version too) and it was received very well by meat eaters and non alike! You will learn something every time you read or reread it!

3. Buy Skinny Bitch book of Vegan Swaps. Great resource for all general alternative product options, but I think you will really like the meat alternatives and faux meat products section. 

4. Read the label. You would be really surprised what they put in food. Personally, if its made on machinery that has touched eggs, dairy, and such I still consider it vegan. Trader Joes recently changed manufacturing locations and many of the boxes now say made on machinery that touched… but the ingredients are to me still vegan. I also consider white sugar and some honey vegan. Again its like the machinery, the process is not vegan but the product is. I only eat honey that I buy from bee hoteling or my local farmer’s market bee keeper who treats the bees as a pet. Reading labels can be made easier with technology, especially thanks to smart phones. These days all you have to do is scan a barcode and the app will tell you if its vegan: Animal free, Is it Vegan, Cruelty Free, and there’s also a Veg Kickstart app. Speaking of apps, check out happy cow too. great for local restaurants. Another great restaurant guide is:

5. Bring snacks. You never know when you’ll be hungry and need “fast” food. Hummus and carrots come in handy…. or those individual serving nut packets. 

6. Make the easy swaps. Non dairy milk has like a zillion of options. If you don’t like one keep trying (did you know at Trader Joes if you don’t like a product they will refund your money within 7 days, so go ahead and try something new)… soy milk, almond milk, rice milk, coconut milk and so on. I know it not a really the healthiest option, but get the vanilla variety for dairy drinkers as it makes everything taste like sugared cereal and everyone loves dessert. Its always an option to start flavored and then switch to plain once you get ues to it. No one’s judging, give yourself whatever you want! You’re in transition, transitions are always hard, but in time it will all come to you! Swap your butter for earth balance. And know in a pinch margarine is actually vegan. Swap your cream cheese for tofutti cream cheese or Trader Joes vegan option. Daiya cheese also has some good cheese options. They have a yummy shredded cheese mozzarella too! Nut cheese are amazing!!! And last on to meat swaps. Get one of everything that looks good to you! Feel free to keep trying. Faux products have come a long way since the cheese that melts like plastic to the faux meats that turn white when you cook them. If you don’t like something its okay. Just keep trying as they are a lot of options out there and more every day!

7. Lots of food you currently eat might already be vegan and you just don’t know it. Also, packaging lies. If it says extra buttery popcorn, it probably doesn’t actually have any butter in it…vegan! Check out this list:

8. Fight ignorance and negativity with education and tolerance. You are taking the high road with each and every vegan choice you make! You are not just thinking about yourself; you have compassion and respect for animals, the planet and for future generations. Personally, I believe too strongly in peace, equality, and non violence to not be a vegan. Once I open my eyes to the truth, I morally could not just be a vegetarian any more. However most people are totally unaware of what they eat and question veganism because they have no idea what it really is. Honestly for a long time I thought everyone would want to feed themselves healthy, clean foods that are packed with nutrients and make their minds and bodies strong. Unfortunately that isn’t always the case, but I feel strongly that everyone should have a primarily plant based diet. I understand that a vegan lifestyle is not for everyone, but adding more and more plant based foods into your diet will only benefit you and the world around you in the long run. I have friends who eat lots of fast food and then ask me where I get my protein. This always baffles me as the person standing in front of you, who I’m sure hasn’t had all their veggies for the day or any truly nutritious food, is questioning protein. Please know, its not all about protein, and there are plenty of plant based proteins out there. Here’s a post if you want to know more:

9. Know your pal Google is always there. Most ingredients can be substituted with a vegan alternative and lots have more than one. Just ask Google your question and you will be so surprised at how quickly you can find all the info you need. Vegan recipes are plentiful and there is lots of vegan outreach/education material available. (not all pertinent, but check out these links: ) 

10. Check out these other resources:

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Rainy day adventures at Los Angeles County Museum of Art


"Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail."

- Ralph Waldo Emerson
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Happy Foster Friday! These cuties are all available for adoption and looking for the perfect Forever families!

Image 1: Beagle Freedom Project has lots of beagle looking for fosters and ultimately a fantastic forever family! Would you be interested fostering a laboratory Beagle??

Image 2: I’m Lucy, a swingin’ senior hound of just 11 years young looking for a foster parent or forever family. I must admit, I do want to be Queen! I mean, really, I deserve to be Royalty. I am crate trained and housebroken. I have a lovely education in obedience and am happy to let you groom me. I’m incredibly lovable but also very independent. I’m not shy at all and would love to get belly rubs all day long! Check out my profile on Basset Hound Rescue, you’re gonna LOVE ME! 

Image 3 & 4: Interested in fostering or adopting one of Kitty Bungalow’s Charm School for Wayward Cats students??? Kitty Bungalow’s teachers work one-on-one with each student, providing them with a well-rounded socialization education. We match our kittens into the best possible homes predicated on their personalities and your needs. Check out these cuties at

Image 5: Timmy was living on the streets for months with what everyone thought was a broken leg. Fortunately, Stray Cat Alliance bailed him out and took him to a kind veterinarian. Timmy ‘s true condition was revealed when the vet said it was not 2 broken legs, but instead a pellet lodged in his spine that made it close to impossible for him to walk.Imagine this sweet angel fending for himself, dragging his hind legs on dangerous city streets! This cutie is doing better and looking for a forever home! to learn more about Timmy’s story:

Image 6: Dakota is a sweet, loving, playful 2 year old scamp…and handsome! He likes boxes and places to hide to nap.

Image 7: Gordon is one awesome dude. He likes dogs of all sizes and even lived with a little fluffy one. He also lived with children. He is great on leash and housebroken. He is pretty mellow but has a fun side as all boxers do. Gordon is a wonderful family dog looking for a wonderful family. For more on Gordon check out Boxer Rescue of LA is bring many more lovable boxers to WorldFest in May!

Image 8: Happy Foster Friday! Bailey is a friendly outgoing girl who does not seem to overstep her boundaries. She is active but by no means hyper-active. She is the perfect blend of experience and playfulness. For more on Bailey and her other friends at Boxer Rescue of LA, visit

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Happy World Spay Day!

Save a life: Spay and neuter, adopt, and foster; be apart of the solution!

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Meet Tommy!

This sweetie is Tommy! He is such a love, knows basic manors and loves to play! He is available for adoption at the NKLA Animal shelter thru their collation partner Angel City Pit Bull. Check out more on Tommy at:

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Sunday Funday at NKLA Animal Shelter!

All the cuties pictured above are available for adoption and looking for the perfect forever family! Right now adoption fees on cats are ONLY $14!